Foo Xin's A Photo A Day

Hi, I'm Foo Xin from Singapore. One of my resolution for 2012 is to take a photo a day to utilize my camera. So there you go.

Permalink 11th March 2012: Met up with fellow prefect. I like that look Daryl gives Eileen. :))
Permalink 10th March 2012: Zacky~
Permalink 7th March 2012: And they really pressed it.. :/
Permalink 6th March 2012: Just when I thought it was fake.. :/
Permalink 5th March 2012: Taken on 3rd March. Cropped.
Permalink 4th March 2012: Of S’mores ytd.
Permalink 3rd March 2012: S’mores! At least some thing nice… after 2 batches of failed cupcakes. *sad look*
Permalink 2nd March 2012: Some gay kitty thing Sis gave Mum. Took this while waiting for my turn at DRAW SOMETHING!*lousy photo, ps*
Permalink 1st March 2012: Maggi’s birthday… collab with thunderstorm. I like Maggi’s ears. Can just touch it everyday! I like the triangle that always appear when her ears are very very straight. ^_______^
Permalink 29th Feb 2012: Pretty Jun while waiting for Sock!Looks abit grainy here.. :/ (Edited brightness.)