Foo Xin's A Photo A Day

Hi, I'm Foo Xin from Singapore. One of my resolution for 2012 is to take a photo a day to utilize my camera. So there you go.

2 Jan 2012
Maggi with another perspective! Had always been taking photos of Maggi fully, or her paws. Today, I tried taking her snub and only parts of her head. Some photos turned out pretty nice! Also, first time playing with colour style. I remember “Faithful” is something like to bring out the richness of the colours more while softening the picture. 

I like the softness of the colour, and the intricate details of her nose~~

Photo Settings
F-Stop: F/5.6; Shutter Speed: 1/25 sec; ISO: ISO-400; Focal Length - 55mm; Colour Style: Faithful
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